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Portable Urinal (Wizz Wall)

Reduce the bathroom line for the men with this festival-ready 5 person urinal. Similarly known as a "Wizz wall", this product is a must-have for any large events, it’s heavy-duty frame is made of polyethylene that stores the waste in a fully secured separation tank that meets all Australian OH&S safety standards. The product is also capable of being attached to temporary fencing.


Waste Capacity: 650 Litres
Rim Height: 700mm 
Length: 2360mm
Width:  585mm 
Height:  1810mm 


  • High standing backwalls to catch any spashing.
  • Robust design that allows for placement in tight areas.
  • Portable by hand when empty.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Large waste capactiy, meaning that there is no read for continues waster removal.
  • High-density polyethylene twin skin walls
  • Insulated and cool to touch
  • Two lifting points


Do we cater to events? 

Yes! We have hundreds of toilets available, as well as urinal walls, drinking stations, temporary fencing and disabled toilets.

How clean are the Wizz Walls? 

The cleanest in Australia! Before every hire our urinals are completely emptied and thoroughly disinfected, before being pressure washed (inside & out) and finally being prepped with disinfectant and an incense for any smell.
Full Day: 
Weekend Special: 
$300 (weekend only)
Portable Urinal (Wizz Wall)
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