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Q1. How much does it cost to rent a trailer?

A. You can download our current price list here to view our toilet hire rates.

Q2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable toilets?

A. There are many advantages of portable toilets, with the most obvious being that they can be remotely placed into almost any location to increase the health & sanitary conditions of its site. Other advantages include their durability, which allows them to substitute for more delicate (luxurious) bathroom facilitates; their rental prices are also cheap, and they are simple to use. Disadvantages include that they can sometimes grow to be smelly if left for long periods to stagnate, this, however, can be fixed with a quick pump-out, disinfection & aromatic application via the services of Melbourne Toilet Hire (Smart Hire).

Q3. How are portable toilets cleaned?

A. Portable toilets begin with having the sewerage completely removed by either a high pressure suction pump or a gravity feed drainage system that flushes out all waste into a compliant sewage disposal main. The second phase is to remove any rubbish from the toilet & disinfect the interior, before water pressure washing the entire toilet on both the inside and out. The toilets are finally prepped with a complimentary toilet role, tank disinfectant and an incense for any smell.

Q4. How do portable toilets work?

A. Portable toilets work by the function of a hand water pump that flushes the sewage out of the toilet bowl, past a containment flap & into a drop down collection tank that houses the waste. It is stored in the toilet sewerage tank until it is pumped-out via either a suction pump or a water tight valve that gravity drains the fesses into a regulated sewerage main..

Q5. How much do portable toilets cost?

A. Portable toilets can cost in excess of $2500 each, not including the expensive maintenance necessary to clean, disinfect and safely dispose of the sewerage. Given the above example, it is clear that our rental prices of $30 per week for a single toilet makes it much more cost effective (and clean) to hire you amenities from us.

Q6. How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet for a day?

A. The cost to rent a portable toilet per day is $150 over 24 hours for a single unit toilet, however prices can increase if the toilet is special needs, or discounted if toilets are ordered in bulk ( i.e in excess of 10 units). This cost does not include delivery/ pick-up fees, which is dependant of the suburb of delivery.
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